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ADVFN.COM provide real time stock information from more than 80 markets and exchanges around the world.

Free membership to ADVFN includes access to real-time Dow Jones and NASDAQ indices, plus delayed US and world markets stock prices, indices, futures, options, covered warrants, bonds and FOREX. You will also be able to access our comprehensive range of free charting, company research, stock market news, message boards and stock screening tools.

Free Stock Tools :

ADVFN supply data from these markets and 65 more :

NYSE | NASDAQ | AMEX | Pink Sheets
London Stock Exchange | FTSE Indices
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Deutsche Boerse
Euronext Paris
Borsa Italiana
Shanghai Stock Exchange | Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Bombay Stock Exchange | National Stock Exchange

The ADVFN free service includes:

  • Stock Quotes
  • Comprehensive Stock Charting tools
  • Streaming Stock watch list
  • Free bulletin boards
  • Portfolio
  • Stock screeners and Filters
  • Trades Information
  • Company Financials & Reports
  • Regulatory News
  • Alerts
  • World market profiles
  • Stock Tips
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